Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Muck and The Mires - Live at the Middle East 3/10/2006

From the same show as my previous post, this was the headlining act. Enjoy.


1. You Better Write Your Number Down
2. Gotta Get You Thinking Like I Do
3. Last Time
4. One Way To Know
5. Slipping Away
6. One of These Days
7. I Never Got Over You
8. That's What I Want
9. Don't Let Her Get Away
10. No One's Gotta Know
11. Falling Back On Me
12. Hey Little Bird
13. Caught In A Lie
14. Cocoa Beach
15. All I Really Wanna Do Is Cry
16. Doreen
17. It's About Over Now
18. Open Your Door

The Konks - Live at the Middle East 3/10/2006

I was going through some boxes of CDs and I found this show I recorded back in 2006. Enjoy.


1. King Kong
2. Can't Get Along With You
3. Wasn't That Fun
4. Move and Shake
5. Kill Me Dead
6. Outta My Mind
7. Down To Three
8. Here She Comes
9. Lon Chaney Blues
10. 29 Fingers
11. God Says

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ron Scarlett - Looking at the Lights EP (1987)

Ron Scarlett (Lead Vocal / Acoustic Guitar) + Andy Sweeney (Lead Guitar) + Bruce Alger (Keyboards) + Paul Liberty (Bass / Harmony Vocals) + Bonk (Drums / Percussion / Harmony Vocals) + Peter Moss (Harmony Vocals)

1. What's On Your Mind
2. Looking at the Lights
3. Midnight Campaign
4. Hanging By a String
5. Feel It
6. Sketches of the Angels
7. Slave Trader (Bonus Track)


Viper (Chelsea, MA circa mid-80's)

I've had this on cassette for over 25 years. Now YOU can have it on CD.

Viper was a band from Chelsea, MA that I used to go see in the mid-80's. I was too young to go to the clubs but they did free shows in Chelsea that I attended. I used to have a bootleg of one of those shows that I recorded when I was around 11 years old. That tape is long gone. I did make a copy for the band but they probably don't have it either. It was surprisingly a good sounding bootleg too (which also included their answering machine message too). I wish I still had it.

John Nicastro (Lead Vocals) + Andy Sweeney (Guitar) + Paul Liberty (Bass) + Bonk (Drums)

1. Daddy's Eldorado
2. You Hurt Me
3. Puppet
4. Put Me on a Shelf
5. I'm In Love With Your Pants

(I've decided to post a lo-fi MP3 of this project instead of a clear(er) folder of songs because their may be a possibility of this stuff being re-released someday. You never know.)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lou Miami & the Kozmetix - WERS LIVE 10/24/82

A rare LIVE set recorded on WERS Boston on 10/24/1982. Enjoy.

1. Hawaaii 5-0
2. Secret Agent Man
3. What's New Pussycat
4. Surfer Joe
5. Indian Giver
6. Susie Baby
7. Ben
8. Do You Know The Way To San Jose
9. Delta Dawn
10. Travelin' Man
11. It's Gonna Be Alright
12. Season Of The Witch
13. Let's Dance
14. Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted
15. Little Red Riding Hood
16. Autumn Leaves
17. To Sir With Love