Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ron Scarlett - Looking at the Lights EP (1987)

Ron Scarlett (Lead Vocal / Acoustic Guitar) + Andy Sweeney (Lead Guitar) + Bruce Alger (Keyboards) + Paul Liberty (Bass / Harmony Vocals) + Bonk (Drums / Percussion / Harmony Vocals) + Peter Moss (Harmony Vocals)

1. What's On Your Mind
2. Looking at the Lights
3. Midnight Campaign
4. Hanging By a String
5. Feel It
6. Sketches of the Angels
7. Slave Trader (Bonus Track)



  1. Thanks for this. Always been curious as I used to work with Ron

  2. I"m listening to this album right now on vinyl and loving it. Happy New Year to you Ron wherever you are ~

  3. I knew Ron in Boston back in the early '80s. Seems like yesterday yet so many things have changed. He was (and hopefully still is) a great guy and I really liked his music. I still own this record and a couple of his 45s, and they sound just as good today. Here's to you, Ron. Hope you're doing well.