Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Viper (Chelsea, MA circa mid-80's)

I've had this on cassette for over 25 years. Now YOU can have it on CD.

Viper was a band from Chelsea, MA that I used to go see in the mid-80's. I was too young to go to the clubs but they did free shows in Chelsea that I attended. I used to have a bootleg of one of those shows that I recorded when I was around 11 years old. That tape is long gone. I did make a copy for the band but they probably don't have it either. It was surprisingly a good sounding bootleg too (which also included their answering machine message too). I wish I still had it.

John Nicastro (Lead Vocals) + Andy Sweeney (Guitar) + Paul Liberty (Bass) + Bonk (Drums)

1. Daddy's Eldorado
2. You Hurt Me
3. Puppet
4. Put Me on a Shelf
5. I'm In Love With Your Pants

(I've decided to post a lo-fi MP3 of this project instead of a clear(er) folder of songs because their may be a possibility of this stuff being re-released someday. You never know.)

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