Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Leftovers - Sala Matisse, Valencia 11/6/09

I saw these guys at TT The Bears in Cambridge, MA last night and they kicked ass so I figured I would share this link with you. I listened to this show on the way to the show last night and was blown away.. so check it out.

The Leftovers - Sala Matisse, Valencia 11/6/09

This show link was borrowed from the Power Pop Criminals page which can be found here:

The setlist looked like this:
Untouchable / Can't Stop / Telephone Operator / Run Away / Lose Your Head / She's The One / The Only One / Lost & Found / Adding Up / Nothing To Do / Get To Know You / Do You Wanna Dance / She She She / Girlfriend / Back In The U.S.S.R / Please Tell Me / Pick & Choose / Camel / Walking Out On Love / Dance With Me / Party 'Til We Die / Real Run Fast / You Know What To Do / Please Please Me / Woolly Bully /Gotta Go

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